Mercury Cougar 1:43 Scale Diecast Cars

Sometimes, 1:64 scale is just too darned small. It is time for the bigger brother of the 1:64 scale diecast cars. It is time for the 1:43 scale diecast Mercury Cougars. Now, that is a nice size.

    Check out these 1:43 scale Mercury Cougar diecast cars.

    If you have a 1:43 scale Cougar diecast car that is not on this page and would like it included, please send a clear and bright picture of the car in its packaging to the webmaster. Please include the year of release and if it is in a group. Ex: Superfast.

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    Amercom Mercury Cougar (Poland)

    Name: Mercury Cougar – 1967
    Color: Inverness Green
    Scale: 1:43
    Photo: Keith Hyatt


    Del Prado Mercury Cougar

    Name: 1968 Mercury Cougar
    Year: 2003
    Color: Green
    Scale: 1:43
    Series: Modeel Collection
    Photo: Randy Goodling


    Dinky Toys Mercury Cougar

    Name: Ford Mercury Cougar
    Years: 1969-72
    Color: Light Blue
    Number: 174
    Photo: Bill Quay


    Matchbox Mercury Cougar

    Name: Mercury Cougar
    Year: 1968
    Color: Gold
    Scale: 1:43
    Series: K21
    Photo: Thomas Fitzpatrick


    Name: Mercury Commuter – Dragster & Trailer
    Year: 1974
    Color: Lime Green & Purple
    Series: Speedkings Drag-Pack K-28
    Scale: 1:43
    Photo: Dennis Pierachini


    Name: Cougar Dragster
    Year: 1971
    Color: Pink
    Series: SpeedKings K-21
    Scale: 1:43
    Photo: Dennis Pierachini


    Name: Cougar Dragster
    Year: 1971
    Color: Purple
    Series: SpeedKings K-21
    Scale: 1:43
    Photo: Randy Goodling


    Neo Scale Models Mercury Cougar

    Name: 1971 Mercury Cougar XR-7
    Color: Dark Green
    Scale: 1:43
    Photo: Keith Hyatt