Mercury Cougar Eliminator Book

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Spoilers Hold It Down . . .

Nothing Holds It Back . . .

Over a year in the works, the 1969 and 1970 Eliminator book is now available.  This book takes you through the Eliminator Option piece by piece with pictures and text.  Want to make sure your Eliminator is correct or looking for correct options, this book is for you.  Little known factoids and owner stories are sprinkled throughout making for some interesting reading

The most complete book on the Mercury Cougar Eliminator!

This book contains never-before-published photos and documents, walking the reader through what we now know about the Eliminator and related Cougars.

Brought to you by Don Skinner, author of Mercury Cougar The Classic Years 1967-1973 The Big Book, the XR7-G, and GT-E books. (available in this store)

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