1968 Calypso Coupe

1968 Calypso Coupe

During the second year of production, some Mercury Cougar dealers came up with special editions of the 1968 Mercury Cougar. A group of these dealers were in Kansas City and in the Dallas / Forth Worth area in Texas and they came up with something called the 1968 Calypso Coupe.

This unique Mercury Cougar had a black vinyl roof. On both C-pillars, on the outside of the car, a chrome badge in a nice script fint spelling out “Calypso Coupe” was added. The car was painted in Calypso Coral, which is Body Color Code 3 and Paint Code 60449.

Calypso Coupe emblem

Calypso Caravan Sale

In the advertisement below, it listes the equipent on the 1968 Cougar Calypso Coupe as the following:

  • All Vinyl Interior
  • Bucket Seats
  • Special Vivid Acrylic Paint
  • Special Script Insignia
  • Deluxe Wheel Covers
  • Custom Carpets
  • Deluxe Radio

All this for just $2,990.00

Gold Bonus Option

There was alos another option for this unique 1968 Mercury Cougar. Somehow, it included the 24 kt Gold.

  • Insignia
  • Identification Plate and Wheel Covers
  • Wire or Deluxe Disc
  • Vinyl Oxford Roof
Calypso Coupe Ad

“Calypso Coupe” Special

The advertisement below sold this 1968 “Calypso Coupe” Special brand new ’68 Cougar for $2,690.00. It included the same options as the advertisement above and you could pay for it in 42 easy payments of jjust $69.78 a month, with one-third down.

Calypso Coupe Ad 2

Unrestored Calypo Coupe Slideshow

Check out this 1968 Calypso Coupe in the state it was found before it was restored.

Clayton Olmstead’s 1968 Cougar Calypso Coupe at the 2017 Tulsa Show