1969½ Golden Mercury Cougar Ad

Bonus Equipment

  • White Side Wall or Wide Oval Tires
  • Remote Control Racing Mirror
  • Mid Body Paint Stripe
  • Special Turbin Wheel Covers
  • Four Special Gold Colors
  • Original Gold Vinyl Top
  • Special “Golden Cougar” Nameplates
Bob Foss logo
1969½ Golden Mercury Cougar
1969½ Golden Mercury Cougar Interior

The first four items in this list are all from the 1969 Mercury Cougar Sports Special Package A. The only thing not included was the Sports Special distinctive curb molding consisting of a bright die-cast simulated scoop at the front and a bright and black ribbed section extending to the rear wheel.

“Again in 1969 as in the past, Bob Foss has gone to great lengths to bring to the people of Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado, a very special value. These “Golden Cougars” represent a definite savings in equipment and options otherwise impossible, plus the fact you will be driving an original creation built especially for you.”

Text from The Big Book Mercury Cougar: The Classic Years 1967-1973

1969½ Golden Mercury Cougar Marti Report