Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Cougars

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Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Cougar

The Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company (RML) operated out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was formed by Jim Wood in 1966. It only lasted until 1971, when the Alberta goverment forced them out of business. They didn’t have quite enough of a reserve to cover their potential claims because RML sales success and the Alberta Government would not give them a short extension to raise that money. Around 1968, the RLM created a motivation program for their salespeople that would rival no other. They created something called The Purple Cougar Program.

1968 RML Cougars

It is a mystery that has never been solved. These 1968 RLM Cougars at the Westgate Motel have never been seen again.

With the Purple Cougar Program, a new recruit at the Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company could earn the right to drive a brand new RLM Purple Cougar if their sales reached at least $2,000 per month. That didn’t mean that they owned the Cougar, or that they would always get to keep that Cougar. They had to maintain sales of at least $1,500 a month after they earned the car in order to have the right to continue driving the car. If they were to not make the minimum amount in sale in a specific month, they had the next month to make up for it. But, if they missed their goal two months in a row, the Cougar had to be returned. If they wanted the Cougar back again, they had to earn the two grand a month again and still maintain $1,500 a month thereafter.

1968 RML Cougars
1969 RLM Cougars

During its heyday, it is thought that the Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company had 115 Purple Cougars available for their salespersons.

1969 RML Cougar
1969 RLM Cougar in a Parade

This incentive program enabled the Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company to recruit some of the best salepeople in Canada. It was a highly successful recruiting program, which enabled the company to grow quickly. The cost of the Cougar was built into the sales commission schedule.

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1969 RML Cougars
The Purple Cougar

RLM Cougar Details

  • In 1969, the original order was for 98 XR-7 Cougars
  • All cars were sold by Universal Sales and Service out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • The leasing company was Hillcrest General Leasing
  • Options:
    • White Vinyl Roof
    • Special Purple Paint (WT9083)
    • Deluxe Bucket Seats
    • Front Shoulder Seat Belts
    • Sports Console
    • AM Stereophonic 8-track Player
    • Power Steering
  • Options (cont.)
    • Front Disc Brakes
    • Tilt-Away Steering Wheel
    • Power Steering
    • Tinted Glass
    • 351W 4V
    • FMX Transmissions
    • Heavy Duty Battery
    • Immersion Block Heaters
    • Door Protection Edge Guards
    • Front Bumper Guards
    • Wire Wheel Covers
    • Color Code Blank on VIN

Robert Nowland |  1969 RML Mercury Cougar XR-7

Exterior: Special Paint – Purple w/ White Vinyl Top | Interior: White Leather

Location: Universal Ford in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Robert Nowland 1969 RLM Mercury Cougar XR-7

RLM Mercury Cougar Documentation

Robert Nowland’s Factory Invoice

RLM Factory Invoice

RLM Mercury Cougars Website

Official Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Cougars Website

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Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Cougars