428 Cobra Jet Parts Listing


(Note: These parts we believe are original to the Cougar 428 Cobra Jet engine; not aftermarket, will-fit, or substitutes)

1968 Mercury Cougar R-Code Option 428CJ Ad
Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
Engine Short Block Assembly C8OZ-6009-A
Engine Block C6AZ-601 0-F C6ME-A; C7ME-A; C8-ME
Cylinder Head C8AZ-6049-C C8OE-N
C80Z-6049-F, -K C80E-H
   (16 Exhaust Bolt Holes)
Intake Value C8AX-6507-A N/A
Exhaust Value C8AX-6505-A N/A
Head Gasket C8AZ-6051-A Steel Shim (.015-)
Crankshaft C6AZ-6303-B 1 U (or C6ME)
C8AZ-6303-B (Before 11/13/1968)
Camshaft C60Z-6250-B Blue Paint Front of 3rd Journal
Hydrolic Lifter Set C80Z-6500-A N/A
Connecting Rod C6AZ-6200-C C7AE-B
C6JZ-621 I –A (C6AE-D = Early)
   Red (Standard) C80Z-6108-G Super 428
   Blue (.001") C80Z-6108-H
   Blue (.003") C80Z-6108-J
   Blue (.020") C80Z-6108-K
   Blue(.030") C80Z-6108-L
   Blue (.040") C80Z-6108-M
Domed Replacement
   Left Side C8AZ-61 1 O-A N/A
   Right Side C8AZ-61 1 O-B N/A
Piston Pins C60Z-6135-A N/A
Piston Rings C6AZ-6148-A N/A
Harmonic Balancer C8AZ-6316-B C8-AE-A (7” Diameter)
Spacer, Chrankshaft Vibration Dampner B8AZ-6359-A ?
Timing Cover W/PT. ? C8AE-?; -B
Outer Crank Pulley C8AZ-6A312-D C8AE-6A312-E (2 GRV)
HD Oil Pump C3AZ-6600-B ?
Oil Filter Adapter COAZ-6881-A
428CJ Timing Chain Cover

Fuel System

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
Fuel Pump C7AZ-9350 4441, -S; Cast “X”
   Carter part number is 4441S
Fuel Filter C70Z-9155-A C7OE-9155-A AUTOLITE #FG1 9
428CJ Carter Fuel Pump

Intake Manifold

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
Iron C80Z-9424-B C80E-9425-C / C8AZ-9424-B
Aluminum C6AZ-9424-H C7AE-9435-F

Note: For the Aluminum Manifold only – Turn it upside down and measure the aluminum at the top (actually the bottom since it is upside down).

  • If it is .850 (¾”=), you have a “short port.”
  • If it is .580 (nearly 19/32″), you have a “tall port.”
428CJ Intake Manifold

Carburetor (735 CFM)

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
M/T (list 4168) C80Z-9510-AB Tag=C80F-AB
A/T (list 4174) C8OZ-9510-AA Tag=C80F-AA
Prim.Meter.Block-5673*, Secon.Meter.Block=5671
MAN/T C80Z-951 O-AA Tag=C80F-AA
Prim.Meter.Block-5673*, Secon.Meter.Block=5671
* = Early – May have 5819 Prim.Meter. Block
Date Code Ex.: “833” = March, 1968, 3rd week
Carb Choke Thermostat Housing Cover
Casting and Spring ID
Casting for Auto / Trans. GTA
   Spring for A/T 47R 273-A 272
Casting for 4-Speed Trans. GT1
   Spring for 4 -Speed 47R 283-A 282
Carb Spacer Plate (.019″ Stainless) C8AZ-9A589-F C8AE-9A589-G
Carb Return Spring C5ZZ-9737-B .701″ OD, 1.74″ Long, 15 Coils, Orange
Air Cleaner Assembly C8OZ-9600-C
Air Cleaner Element B7SZ-9601-A
Air Cleaner – RAM C8ZZ-9600-B None
Snorkel C80F-9D626-B Ink Stamp
Hot Air Tube C8AZ-9652-A (2.031D X 2.851D X 8.36L)
A/C Cleaner Vacuum Mtr. C8OZ-9D612-C

Note: The Ram Air Flapper Lid has a rubber seal that seals the Air Cleaner to the underside of the Hood. This seal is unique to 1968, as the front area has a distinct bend between the two reinforcing ribs. In later years, this bend extended out past these ribs.


Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
Exhaust Manifold
Left – Type 1 C80Z-9431 .A C80E-9431 -A, -H
Before 09/02/1968
Right – Type 1 C80Z-9430-A C80E-9428-A, -B

Smog System

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
PCV Valve ? 381567S
Air Pump C8AZ-9A486-A C8AE-9A486-D

Some with plastic fan & green inspection paint on pump with no numbers.

(AP Date code example- “8CO71” = 03/07/1968, lst Shift)

Bracket C80Z-9B290-A C8AE-9C486-A
A.P. Adj. Bracket C8AZ-9B452-C C8AE-9B452-B
A.P. Pulley C8AZ-9B447-B C8AE-9C480-A

4.75″ OD – Some may be 5.0″ OD and marked “P” and “front”

Anti-Backfirevalve C80E-9B289-B C80E-C, B (Before 09/1967)
428CJ Smog System


Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
Starter C6AZ-1 1002-A C7AF-I I 001 -E, OR C8AF-1 1002-A
Starter Delay (MIT) C8AZ-1 1 Al 26-A C8AF-1 1 Al 26-A
428CJ Starter


(Single Diaphram, Vacuum Advance)

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
Automatic Transmission C70Z-12127-G C70F-12127-F, -G

This distributor was also used on the 390-4V engine in Mustangs and Cougars.

Manual Transmission C80Z-12127-D C80F-12127-D, -J
428CJ Distributor


Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
(42 Amps) C5D2-10346-B C6AF-10300-C

Cooling System

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
C8AZ-8501-A C8AE-8501-A

Water pump is not application specific, being shared with 390 engines.

Radiator C8ZZ-8005-C C8ZE-M
Fan, Radiator 7″ x 18.25″ C80Z-8600-A C80E-8600-B
Clutch C80Z-8A616-B C80E-B, -C
Shroud C8ZZ-8146-A C8ZE-8146-A

Hood Stripe Kit

Part Name Part # Engineering or Casting #
(Same as 1968 cyclone 428CJ) C8GY-16B906-AlA N/A

The 428 Cobra Jet equipped Cougar has a satin black hood stripe, extending from inside the hood scoop forward and down over the front, straddling the center bright Mercury emblem.  Both the stripe and the hood scoop are satin black. This scoop and stripe are shared with all other 1968 Cougars equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet engine option and applied to all body colors, including black.

428CJ Hood Stripe

Hood Scoop

1968 Cougars equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet option came with a functional satin black hood scoop and matching black stripe. The Satin Black Hood Scoop for the 1968 is unique, as it has 8 mounting studs, where the Eliminator Scoop in 1969 and 1970 used 10 mounting studs. Also unique for 1968, the hood scoop does not have any part numbers molded into the underside.

428CJ Hood Scoop