A buyer could chose from array of two-tone color combos, but in 1969 and 1970 only two colors were available for the top; white or black. However, a buyer could special order a color combo of their choice.

1969 Two-Tone Mercury Cougar
1968 Mercury Cougar Two-Tone Option
1967 Mercury Cougar Two-Tone
1970 Two-Tone Mercury Cougar
1967 Two-Tone Paint Cougar
1967 Mercury Cougar Two-Tone Interior

If you own one of these unique Cougars and have not registered it yet, please send your contact information along with the VIN and data plate information, as well as any other documentation, stating it’s a factory two-tone and pictures to the address or email below so it can be accounted for.

1967 Two-Tone Paint Cougar

As with vinyl top cars, Two-Tone Cougars had a strip dividing the top and body color. However, at this time, it’s unknown whether or not all two-tone Cats came with a chrome dividing strip or a color keyed vinyl molding as vinyl top Cats did.

1967 Two-Tone Paint Cougar

Hopefully, as time goes on, more info will become known as to the dividing strip and it can be determined whether or not if all cars had the chrome strip or if there were a mixture of chrome and vinyl dividing strips.

1967 Mercury Cougar Two-Tone Option Interior

Two-Tone Production Numbers

1967 Mercury Cougar


Standard 7,736
XR-7 576
Standard GT 173
XR-7 GT 36
Total 8,521
Dan Gurney Special 909
Bench Seat 480

1968 Mercury Cougar


Standard 2,805
XR-7 372
Standard GT 17
XR-7 GT 14
Total 3,208
Dan Gurney Special 270
Bench Seat 106

1969 Mercury Cougar


Standard 1,995
XR-7 173
Standard GT 66
XR-7 GT 17
Total 2,251
Sports Special, Package A 436
Sports Special, Package B 151
Sports Special, Package C 6
Sports Special, Package D 8
Total 601

1970 Mercury Cougar


Standard 1,125
XR-7 89
Total 1,214
#06697 Chet Moore 1967 Mercury Cougar Two-Tone

If you happen to spot a Two-Tone Cat on the prowl and are able to catch it or see one in “Cougar Heaven”, please send the data plate information to this address or email.

Kamran Waheed
c/o CCOA Two-Tone Registry
1419 Tierra Calle
Carrollton, TX

1970 Mercury Cougar Two-Tone