DSO Codes

The DSO (District Sales Office) code  can be thought of as a purchase order number.

When a car is ordered by a dealership, it has no serial number. To keep track of the order, it is assigned a DSO Item Number.

The car will eventually be shipped to a dealer near that DSO location.

Code Location
11 Boston
15 New York
16 Philadelphia
17 Washington DC
21 Atlanta
22 Dallas
23 Jacksonville
26 Memphis
31 Buffalo
32 Cincinnati
33 Cleveland
34 Detroit
41 Chicago
42 St. Louis
46 Twin Cities
51 Denver
52 Los Angeles
53 Oakland
Code Location
54 Seattle
84 Home Office Reserve
90 – 99 Export
A1 Central Canada
A2 Eastern Canada
A3 Atlantic Canada
A4 Midwestern Canada
A6 Western Canada
A7 Pacific Canada
B1 Central Canada
B2 Eastern Canada
B3 Atlantic Canada
B4 Midwestern Canada
B6 Western Canada
B7 Pacific Canada
12 Export Canada
13 Export Canada